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Re: [tor-talk] Hiding stuff

> Have you looked at mesh net and similar technologies and groups? Off the
> top of my head, I'd recommend looking into CJDNS/hyperboria, I2P,
> FreedomBox, Telecomix, Freenet, GNUnet.

Do you mean Project Meshnet or Mesh networking? As Mesh.net is a redneck
and his dada doing ISP in the land of Novell. But, no, I never heard of
them. Thanks for pointing them out. It looks like CJDNS is only in alpha
stage and not to useful at the time. It needs patches. And it does not
work on all systems. A really nice idea, but Tor is functional.

I2P I heard of. But it's not so clear beyond their direct comparison to

Freedom box is just a bunch of slogans and proof that crowd funding is
possible. They are about to build a team than write a roadmap. What's
the use at this point?

From Freedombox Wikipedia page I found about BeedBox. Very interesting,
yet silly IMO. It's true people find corporate Web 2.0 sites easy to
use. They were built that way and they have paid already large sums of
money for that. And that's an evolutive process as the sites of today's
social Internet are at version 10 or so. But give people the ability to
host their own servers is a geek wet dream and not a solution. What
about security? What about interconectivity? What about 24/7 server
uptime? People want to have more likes for their cat than the
neighbour's cat. People don't care about hosting. Corporations care
about hosting. What's even more complicated: those cheap, low
consumption, silent servers are hard to come by.

I also reached from that Wikipedia page project:Soxyd. They say
something about those plugin servers. This is also a server solution.
Maybe I'm not looking where I should, but I don't see the practical
details. Lightweight webserver with a nice GUI configuration. Good. That
is a very good thing. But how are they going to reach âa decentralized
and interconnected wayâ? Tor? Other ways? TCP/IP than deny you knew that
was plugged into your wall?

They all point out that they are going to use Debian. That's good. GPL.
Free software as in freedom. But, as somebody pointed out here, on this
list, about VirtualBox with Tor they need mainstream software for the
sake of security patches.

As for what I found as devices, it's disappointing. SheevaPlug.
Superseded by GuruPlug. Which used to be so hot that they put a fan on
it. Now it's noisy. So up one more generation DreamPlug. Which I found
on amazon.com (for the price, not going to buy it from there) at almost
200USD. Wow! At that price you can get a screen, a keyboard, a battery
and a more powerful CPU. I might get a Windows licence in those money

Telecomix sounded interesting. Till I reached Wikipedia and that picture
of one of the first servers. A mess of cables and a dirty computer box.
Nice advertising. Do they deliver rats with the service?

Now GNUnet and Freenet do seem very nice.

Overall thank you for this message. It gave me a lot to read. And even
the projects I seem to have dismissed over this email are worth coming
back and checking on them. Any more details or other protocols based on
security and anonymity are welcome.

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