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Re: [tor-talk] torsocks, usewithtor, torify questions - end the confusion!

> usewithtor is a script/wrapper and easier to use.
> torsocks is the actual binary and has different features (see man torsocks).

No, torsocks also has a wrapper script by the same name.  And if the manpage for torsocks (the wrapper) is correct, it makes usewithtor redundant. I have no idea why the author created two of the same script. Looks like Maxim agrees, usewithtor should be removed.

> torsocks is dead, needs a new maintainer and need to be imported to
> torproject.org.

That would be great

> IPv6 traffic leak:
> https://code.google.com/p/torsocks/issues/detail?id=37

Can anyone make a layperson explanation of this issue? If I run an application through torsocks, who exactly has to initiate the ipv6 traffic to cause the problem? I don't think I have any apps that use ipv6??

> I mailed Robert Hogan perhaps a month ago or so. He told me he wants to
> keep up with the bugs but after that no more replies.

So it would be great if torproject took it

> Don't expect much progress. Looks like tpo moves away from torsocks /
> general torification, focuses on censorship circumvention and being an
> application project with Tor Browser Bundle, Tor IM Bundle, TorBirdy
> etc. Which might not be the worst decision due to protocol leaks and
> usability

oh :( then I hope the author or someone else motivated can revive torsocks because there are many people who want to use it!
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