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[tor-talk] [Fwd: Re: [tor-relays] Call for discussion: turning funding into more exit relays]

Did this actually happen, or is it just jya being overly paranoid again?
(Sorry if this is just more noise.)

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Subject: Re: [tor-relays] Call for discussion: turning funding into more
exit relays
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2012 12:44:02 -0400

Tor-talk unsubbed me yesterday, probably for publishing on Cryptome
Eugen's forward of this thread's initial message from Roger Dingledine,
with our additional pointers to enduring USG funding of the Tor Project.

That Tor Project has enlisted many dedicated participants around the
world is most admirable. If it was not so jingoistic and US-promotional
it would be a crowd-source service deserving of trustworthiness.

Its long-time funding by the USG propanda agency, the Broadcast Board
of Govenors, as well as several front organizations, is not to be overlooked
by incessant braggardy, technical conceit and thin-skinnedness by its
spokespersons, primarily majordomos Andrew Newman and Jacob
Appelbaum, now joined by sub-lieutenants to admit not serious faults
in the system. (The inventors and most capable technologists of Tor
do not exaggerate its virtues.)

Tor Project's duplicity reminds of ICANN and a slew of other USG TLA 
to maintain control of the Internet while espousing a US-centric version
of information freedom which actually serves as a component of the
US national security regime.

State Department brags of the thousands of info fighters it is subsidizing,
and NSA is openly recruiting hackers. It should be assumed that the TLAs
have co-opted Anonymous-like initiatives in concert with pernicious
sockpuppetry in social media.

Tor Project would benefit from escaping USG financial clutches, albeit
difficult if dependency has become inured. The proposal to expand USG
funding for exit relays -- its most vulnerable and compromisable aspect --
is a gift horse needing a dental check before buying in.

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