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Re: [tor-talk] Vidalia error message with TorBirdy

Sukhbir Singh:
> anonymous coward:
> You should use port 993 (SSL/TLS) for all IMAP accounts if you want to
> connect to your mail server over Tor. That is why it is the default
> setting :)
>> Thunderbird try to circumvent Tor? IsnÂt it just normal, TB tries
>> to connect to the imap server on its port?
> No, it's not circumventing Tor, but the connection to the mail server
> is being made over port 143, which in insecure and the exit node can
> see all your traffic. The "normal" setting in this case is the default
> setting of port 993 which you should not be changing.

When I first set up Thunderbird I used the Starttls settings, I donÂt
remember why I did this, probably due to late hour ;-) I changed to SSL
and port 993 now-

> PS: You should probably change your password, just to be sure.

I already did that. I generally switched from 8 character passwords to
14 character passwords with random characters. For email accounts I now
use passwords with at least 10 random characters.


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