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Re: [tor-talk] What would you put on a a Tor Wishlist?

* on the Wed, Jul 03, 2013 at 11:59:08PM +0000, andrew wrote:

> I am sure there are other features that you might want that you have not
> sent in a ticket for, or maybe you have.  If you could have any features
> you wanted, what would you ask for?
> Its the holiday, lets dream a little.

I would like the DNS resolver in Tor to support more RR types, e.g MX, TXT
and SRV. I would also like to be able to set up DNS records for hidden
services, so for example I could add MX+SRV records for a .onion address
so we can more easily do XMPP federation and SMTP between hidden services.

I would like to set up my own hidden SMTP service and have an address like:


If I could add TXT records to the onion address then I could use PKA to
publish my public PGP key in the DNS by creating a TXT record like:

  mike@alfa:~$ dig +short txt mike._pka.1234567890123456.onion

As described here:


People might create Internet gateways for incoming email in a similar
manner to the way http://tor2web.org/ works so that non-hidden SMTP
servers would be able to contact me using addresses like:


Tor2web.org would then accept this incoming email and forward it on to the
MX records that I've published for 1234567890123456.onion.

Similar things could be done for XMPP.

Mike Cardwell  https://grepular.com/     http://cardwellit.com/
OpenPGP Key    35BC AF1D 3AA2 1F84 3DC3  B0CF 70A5 F512 0018 461F
XMPP OTR Key   8924 B06A 7917 AAF3 DBB1  BF1B 295C 3C78 3EF1 46B4

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