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[tor-talk] [Question] Making private Tor network




I am undergraduate student of SKKU, Korea


I am making private Tor network which consist of 5 nodes.


In this network, I split network two separate network with vlan function. 


In other word, OP and onion router 1 are involved in network 1, the others
are involved network 2.


They can communicate each other.


In this situation, I’d like to communicate with server through onion


So I installed Tor browser to onion proxy and onion routers 


I thought that Tor network would be generated, because private network that
I made has three onion routers and a onion proxy 


But, Onion Proxy’s tor browser wasn’t able to make Tor circuit.


I believe that directory server’s absence cause onion proxy not to produce
Tor circuit 


I am wondering if you have some tips for me to make my own directory server.


I really hope to listen your opinion.


Thank you for assigning your valuable time to read my question




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