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Re: [tor-talk] [Question] Making private Tor network

On Thu, Jul 04, 2013 at 09:59:11PM +0900, ÀÌÈ¿¼® wrote:
> I am making private Tor network which consist of 5 nodes.
> So I installed Tor browser to onion proxy and onion routers 
> I thought that Tor network would be generated, because private network that
> I made has three onion routers and a onion proxy 
> But, Onion Proxy??s tor browser wasn??t able to make Tor circuit.
> I believe that directory server??s absence cause onion proxy not to produce
> Tor circuit 

Yes, that's correct. You need some directory authorities in your network,
in order to generate a consensus networkstatus document, so relays and
clients can know the list of relays in your network.

Relays don't just self-organize, because then it would be too easy for
attackers to trick clients into using the wrong relays:

> I am wondering if you have some tips for me to make my own directory server.

We have a FAQ entry that used to explain what to do, but it is on the
wiki FAQ and I believe people have scribbled over it until it's no
longer useful.

Your best bet might be to fetch chutney:
and either look at how it constructs the directory authority torrc files,
or actually *use* chutney for your experiments.


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