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Re: [tor-talk] How intensely do you use Tor?

On 07/03/2013 02:43 PM, anonymous coward wrote:
> How do you folks use Tor? Do you use it permanently for all your network
> connections or only from time to time for certain activities?
> I think for certain things it does not make much sense to use Tor, for
> example for online banking. When I connect to my bank I am not anonymous
> anway. When I use ebay, I am not anonymous either, they have my adress,
> Paypal knows my adress. So to torify such things does not make much
> sense, doesn´t it?

I know a few people who've opted to use Tor for everything and, you're
right, it doesn't make a lot of sense in certain contexts. Personally, I
use Tor less and less these days as I've simply gotten pissed off enough
where I don't care if they know who I am or where I'm coming from. But
there are still a few times, mostly when doing research into things that
might get me a visit from the Feds, I'll use Tor. Not so much because
I'm afraid, but because I'd rather not deal with the hassle.

I also maintain an anonymous HushMail account via Tor since HushMail
generally doesn't have a huge problem with Tor connections.


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