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[tor-talk] TorBrowser "New Identity"


I am using TorBrowser with a stand-alone Tor+Vidalia combination started
independent of TorBrowser to use it with other applications too. Tor
OR-port is 9050 and  Tor control port is 9051.

TorBrowser is started with:

  /path/to/App/Firefox/firefox -profile /path/to/profile --no-remote

It works well by setting a custom SOCKS5 proxy in TorButton.

But "New Identity" Button in TorButton is disabled. How can I enable the
"New Identity" Button in TorButton in this combination?

I it a solution to close all tabs in TorBrowser and choose "Extra -
Delete History" with option "all" to get the same effect?

Or is the only way to delete all markers a restart of TorBrowser?

Best regards
Karsten N.
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