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Re: [tor-talk] ISP surveillance through Tor?

Marcos Eugenio Kehl writes:

> 2. What informations my ISP manager sees when I connect Tor Browser? Something like "Https Tor Network"? Could my ISP catch or sniff some download from the first node to my pc, or the download is encrypted?
> Regards from Brasil!

Bom dia,

We prepared a graphic last year ago to try to help people visualize
which data is concealed by the use of Tor.


This graphic lets you click to turn Tor and HTTPS on and off.  (Here,
"HTTPS" means that your browser is using an HTTPS connection to the
particular web site that you're communicating with.)  The kinds of
data that different entities along the way see or don't see is

There are some surveillance possibilities that the graphic doesn't
directly address, for example that the timing or amount of data
you send might allow one of the eavesdroppers to confirm a hypothesis
or guess about you or what you're accessing.  Instead, the graphic shows
what each entity directly learns from its own eavesdropping or data
requests, not what they might be able to figure out with further

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