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Re: [tor-talk] Using Mumble with Tor

15.07.2013 05:29, Bruno Cartusia:
> you might use a voice distorter

A child molester modified pictures by swirling his face.

He thought he would be safe and that his face could not be revealed from
the distorted image. Turns out he was not safe (luckily in this case).

Law enforcement was able to recover his face from those pictures.

I don't know how easy it was to undo the effect. Also depending on what
information is lost. If you know what an algorithm outputs for a given
input it might be easy to reverse the effect.

Voice analysis appears to be successful to me. Bomb threads and
kidnapping have been resolved by analyzing how one pronounces different
words or even single letters.

German law enforcement was able to tell that a caller grew up in a
specific state of Germany, just because how he formed different letters
with his mouth.

Also, like adrelanos, I think that someone that knows how you say things
would be able to recognize you, based on words you like to use, phrases
you use, words that are not all that common except from your
environment, how loud you speak, with what intensity, how you make
pauses, where you make pauses, changes in momentum and speed of your

> simply use text-to-speech software to do the talking for you.

Anonymous does you text-to-speech in their video, don't they?

There are a lot less characteristics to fingerprint on.


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