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Re: [tor-talk] Network diversity [was: Should I warn against Tor?]

On Fr, Jul 19 2013, Juan Garofalo wrote:
Jens, By means of avoiding 'foreign' relays you are stopping adversaries outside of germany, but at the same time you're making it easier for the german government to track you? Am I missing something?

Note that in general I go for German entry guards, not for entire Tor paths in Germany.

I hope to find guards âcloseâ to me with which the communication is not monitored. Clearly, if the German government is tracking me everywhere in Germany then such guards do not exist, and my approach fails. In that case, I cannot see technical solutions but only political ones. (Note that anonymization of communication with German partners fails as both, my communication with the entry and the partnerâs with the exit, are monitored within Germany. Communication with outside partners can also not be anonymized as the Germansâ are sharing their data.)

If, as I hope, only major IXPs are monitored in Germany, then the entry guard selection should avoid monitored paths. That is what Iâm trying to do. If the path to my entry is not monitored, my end of the torified traffic is not observed, thwarting correlation attacks.
Best wishes Jens
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