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Re: [tor-talk] Time for porn on the Tor? _> VPN

Jerzy Åogiewa:
> Tor is free and VPN is usually not. Young person in UK with no money who wants porn will use Tor. Funny but I think law will force Tor to grow and grow.

Are you sure you won't have to opt-in for using Tor or VPNs when they
get this shiny new filter list in place?

If they pretend to "protect children" (note, they never care what
happens offline or with child poverty [1]), it wouldn't surprise me when
the Tor public network and VPN services end up on that list as well.

Once that filter lives, it gets extended with further filtering of "bad

I'd also argue, even if the Great Chinese Firewall was opt-in, it would
still serve its purpose - fewer readers get critical news and fewer
people engage in political activity the current so called
representatives don't approve.


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