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Re: [tor-talk] Time for porn on the Tor? _> VPN

> Can some exit node operators count porn traffic increase in time?

It would be interesting to see how particular classes of traffic
change over time... amongst each other, and on their own. Particularly
to see what if any correlation to things that appear in the news...
laws, elections, revolutions, censorship, plain news.

Torrent and file services are almost impossible to classify beyond
their use as a whole. But you might get an indication of more
traditional usage by utilising IP based porn blocklists as the
accounting mask for that class.

Just beware that as a [exit] provider, making finer than aggregate
studies, such as down to the level of the content/streams
of a single user, is very hazardous.

> Funny but I think law will force Tor to grow and grow.

Until the law eliminates Tor. Better to use Tor to prevent that
than distributing porn over it. Which is perhaps why you don't
see the Hefner and Flynt types jumping to multihome on Tor.
Immense cost and risk were taken to get their freedom of speech.
Last thing they'd want to do is hide on Tor and lose it all over again,
even if it did mean better privacy for their paying customers.

> they never care what happens offline or with child poverty

Fight this, tough that, war on... porn, drugs, guns, crime, etc...
Never the words help, cure, counsel, support...
Yes, pretty sad and questionable.
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