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Re: [tor-talk] Phones for Tor

>> voice encryption

Do any use plain voiceband (mic > codec > crypto > modem > voiceline)
instead of the cell data[plan] (mic > codec > crypto > dataline)?

802 WiFi obviously needs no telco plan/sim/number.

The former not Tor'able, the latter optionally is.

> http://guardianrom.com/

This is a new find, thanks.

> http://www.cryptophone.de/en/products/mobile/

> There is no guarantee about hardware level security, as your
> are buying a consumer device.

Afaik, these are both 100% off the shelf unmodified consumer
HW and offer no such guarantee.
Afaik, they're both just compiled SW stack/OS 'ROM'
installed and run on the existing HW.
One under a corp model that includes a phone, one the
opensource model that doesn't.

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