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Re: [tor-talk] Hiding IP address from my ISP

26.07.2013 18:41, James Gilreath:
> Hello, I was wondering if you know of a program that will hide your
> ip from your isp (our local cable company) when downloading files
> from a torrent site like the pirates bay.se. Thanks Jim


your ISP knows your IP anyway. They are the ones that assign the IP
address, though this is an automatic process.

With Tor you can visit the website, preferably with the
TorBrowserBundle, without your ISP being aware that you visit it.

A torrent site usually offers only .torrent files, which are tiny and
can be downloaded over Tor (with TBB), your specific example does not
even do that. There are no files to download (beside the website itself
with it's images).

Using a torrent client with Tor is not recommended as the client
probably leaks. Also it would add a constant, massive load to the Tor
network, which is not good for you and others.

Supposing your ISP dislikes Linux and you want to get a copy via
Bittorrent, without them noticing a VPN might be a solution. Your ISP
does not get aware of the websites you visit or where you download
anything from.

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