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[tor-talk] Fwd: Re: Main German TV ARD reports about Tor

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Am 2013-07-15 08:38, schrieb Bruno Cartusia:
> On 07/01/2013 08:31, tor-admin wrote:
>> Yesterday evening the German TV magazine "ttt" showed a
>> program about the darknet and Tor. Online there is a
>> recording available:
>> http://is.gd/eofnVF
>> Unfortunately only in German. But the page also provides a
>> German transcript of the TV program.
>> Regards,
>> Torland
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> Is there anyway you can give us a translation? :-D
> That certainly looks very interesting, or anyone else out there that
understands German. Post a reply of the translation. Thanks!

I tried but sorry for my English ^^

_Darknet - net out of control_
Beside the know world, there is always a hidden, dark one, where other
laws apply. Such an ..world.. also exists in the Internet, safe from the
invasion of any secret service or there tools. We were there: In the so
called Darknet.

Where you can find drugs and weapons, where criminals offer stolen
credit cards and child pornography. How about a Walther PKK, a pump
shotgun or 14g of clean Cocaine? You wouldn't believe your eyes. Dealers
are trading there without shame - public for anyone. Secured by an
anonymity software, that makes any surveillance impossible. The top of
the perversion: A killer with one mouse click. Only targets under 16 and
Top-Ten-Politicians are excluded.

_Very easy usability_
Everyone can use the Darknet. You simply download a software, for
example "Tor" , which you can use to surf the Tor Network. The
communication is shrouded as its routed over many node points, so it's
not even traceable for the carrier. That means: You stay - different to
the normal Internet - anonymous. What you do on the Darknet is not
visible for anyone.

"Networks like tor are first of all completely neutral" says Julius
Mittenzweig of the Tor Network. "Like a Phone Network or a mail box it
can be used for good or bad reasons. The experience shows: For the
amount of traffic that is routed over the Network everyday, the
percentage of bad guys is very low".

_Actually made for security_
The real reason of the Darknet is to secure people for whom
communication can be a risk for their life. Especially opposite
movements in totalitarian regimes. The Tor Network had a main share in
the Arab Spring, that was organized over the normal Internet, especially
over Facebook and Twitter. Because of this, the operators staid
anonymous, the state has no access. This was the reason why it was an
success to "put away(?)" dictators like Mubarak in Egypt.

Any of the political rebellions of the last years had their direct
impact on the traffic in the Tor Network. And since the last exposure
about PRISM and Tempora it's not only about far  away dictatorships.
"The practical usability was in first place, of course, the near east
and other totalitarian regimes, where you could explain the usability of
Tor to anyone" says Mittenzwei. "But now it's obvious that the traffic
is also saved for 10+ years and used in western democracies"

_Snowden and the Tor Network_
What most people don't know: Also Edward Snowden sent the exposing
documents that document the espionage of the secret services to the
Washington Post and the Guardian. That means over the Darknet, the only
place not visibly for PRISM and Tempora. And suddenly it's not clear
anymore: Who acts right (veeeery free translation), the state or the
hacker? Is Snowden an hero or an snitcher? "I think, Snowden is a hero"
says Julius Mittenzwei of the Tor Network. "Because he was brave enough
to tell the world population what they do"

_Follow your data_ (Why not the white rabbit? :D)
But what is with the criminal data exchange? Is the police really
completely powerless? The Darknet is anonymous, so they can't identify
the users in an electronic way. In case of determination, they have to
use the normal Internet. Anyone is traceable and leaves fingerprints:
User names, passwords - and if you use the same in the Darknet, you can
be recognizable. "Everyone has, even before he uses the Internet, left
data somewhere", says Michael Mahnke of the LKA (State Office of
Criminal Investigation) in Niedersachsen. "And we try to find them"

_Strange, unknown world_
In reality not anything in the Darknet is as easy as it seems. Drugs and
weapons have to be send, so the customs can strike. And who knows who
really is behind any offer? "Two years ago, we had an investigation
because of child pornography on a site that offered a big sentiment -
but turned out to be a fake" says Michael Mahnke of the LKA in
Niedersachsen. "The people gave their money but never got any product.
The criminal thinks that the customers wont go to the police as they
would be sued by themselves, and so they got money" (Again, very free

The Darknet is a strange, unknown world, full of false identities. This
is an challenge while tracking criminals. But for opposition member in
totalitarian regimes it's a question of survival to have the option to
communicate safe. Companies, Journalists, everyone is spied on all the
time. Against this, a Darknet is a good protection.

Author: Joachim Gaertner

Umpf. That was hard.

LG, Sebastian

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