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[tor-talk] Tor2web meeting at OHM2013

Hi all,

that's just a reminder that on Day2 at 22.00 we will make a Tor2web
meeting at Noisy2 Village at OHM .

Tor2web do provide a content delivery network to internet-expose
anonymous web content residing insider the Tor Darknet over Tor Hidden

It's really a challenge for many reasons and the network, manually
configured, it slowly growing.

During the meeting we'de like to outlook what we've done, how the
network growth up discussing which could be the next major milestones to
be reached in terms of software, network development, community
involvement and fundraising.

Tor2web Meeting at @ohm2013 will be done at @NoisySq on Day-2 22.00
https://program.ohm2013.org/event/256.html !

Anyone interested from all different areas is invited to come, with the
focus to make a BIG BOOST to that project in 2014 ! :-)

p.s. http://github.com/globaleaks/tor2web-3.0/wiki

Fabio Pietrosanti (naif)
HERMES - Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights
http://logioshermes.org - http://globaleaks.org - http://tor2web.org

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