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Re: [tor-talk] Tor2web meeting at OHM2013


To promote this I invite you to come to the OHMROEP and talk about it on
our radio-station.


Op 28-07-13 09:08, Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) schreef:
> Hi all,
> that's just a reminder that on Day2 at 22.00 we will make a Tor2web
> meeting at Noisy2 Village at OHM .
> Tor2web do provide a content delivery network to internet-expose
> anonymous web content residing insider the Tor Darknet over Tor Hidden
> Services.
> It's really a challenge for many reasons and the network, manually
> configured, it slowly growing.
> During the meeting we'de like to outlook what we've done, how the
> network growth up discussing which could be the next major milestones to
> be reached in terms of software, network development, community
> involvement and fundraising.
> Tor2web Meeting at @ohm2013 will be done at @NoisySq on Day-2 22.00
> https://program.ohm2013.org/event/256.html !
> Anyone interested from all different areas is invited to come, with the
> focus to make a BIG BOOST to that project in 2014 ! :-)
> p.s. http://github.com/globaleaks/tor2web-3.0/wiki

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