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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy patches for Mozilla Thunderbird


adrelanos wrote (28 Jul 2013 17:54:31 GMT) :
> TBB can't become a Debian package. Debian's answer is "get patches
> merged upstream" [...].

It seems that you are misinformed, and therefore incorrectly pointing
foreign causes for "things don't happen the way we want", while they
don't happen... simply because nobody makes them happen.

Sure, "upstream first" would likely be Debian's answer if the
Torbrowser patches were designed in a way that they only affect the
browser behaviour if some opt-in setting is enabled, and if someone
asked for these patches to be applied to Iceweasel. AFAIK these
patches are not designed this way, which easily explains why nobody
ever asked the Iceweasel maintainers to apply them. So, in the current
state of things, this policy of Debian's is simply not applicable, and
irrelevant as far as the Torbrowser is concerned.

As was explained already on this list (last time by Lunar a few months
ago IIRC), the only reasonable way to get Torbrowser in Debian is to
make it possible to install it in parallel with Iceweasel. The major
blocker right now is the lack of someone to actually do the needed
work, not this or that policy: policy matters were sorted out, and
agreed upon with the relevant Debian teams already.

Finding someone with the right set of skills and enough free time to
actually do this work would be a great way to help. Interested?

The situation may be different on the Thunderbird / Icedove
side, though :)

Hoping it helped clarifying what the real blockers are,
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