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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy patches for Mozilla Thunderbird


adrelanos wrote (29 Jul 2013 10:51:10 GMT) :
> intrigeri:
>> which easily explains why nobody
>> ever asked the Iceweasel maintainers to apply them.

> I understand, that the Iceweasel maintainers are not interested to add them.

It's not about being *interested* (which is purely about feelings).

It's about taking responsibility to maintain patches outside of the
area / usecases / codebase where they were meant to be used (that is,
effectively committing to do more work).

>> Finding someone with the right set of skills and enough free time to
>> actually do this work would be a great way to help. Interested?

> I'd be interested, but that task appears too difficult and obscure to me.

For the record, I was not suggesting you would do this work yourself:
my "Interested?" was about the *finding someone* part :)

>> So, in the current
>> state of things, this policy of Debian's is simply not applicable, and
>> irrelevant as far as the Torbrowser is concerned.

> I have a quite different viewpoint here. There are people willing to
> contribute, but no one able to do it as policy dictates. Policy is
> blindly enforced while saying "for security reasons".

I'm curious what policy you're talking about.

(I've taken the liberty to ignore the part about people "blindly"
doing things, assuming you were neither referring to something that
happened for real, nor meaning to be offensive to actual people.)

> Flexibility is the bottleneck here.

If flexibility is the bottleneck, and manpower is not, I'm more than
happy! Then, please enlighten me: how could Debian, as an
organization, be more flexible on the Torbrowser topic, in a way that
doesn't imply additional work for current Debian contributors?

Since we're moving out of the tor-talk topic into "learning how Debian
works", perhaps this should be taken off-list at some point...

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