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[tor-talk] Youtube becoming unusable

In the last few weeks, i have encountered captchas almost every session
i go onto Youtube.  Is this a consequence of the decision to raise the
required bandwidth bar for "fast" relays, so that more connections come
from fewer exits?

Or is it a policy change at Google?  I dont understand why a logged in
user should have to go through captchas every session, even if their ip
address changes. In TBB the captchas can timeout before we even get a
chance to see them. Secondly, if they are going to use them, i wish they
would pick something a human can read which this often isnt:
or use a different method such as math questions or pick-a-kitten.

Thirdly, i started seeing these notices about reading from a canvas
recently: http://postimg.org/image/wxto55mfl/
Is this due to a TBB missing feature or did Youtube use something in
HTML5 on purpose that violates privacy, e.g. is this a replacement for
the evil hidden Adobe flash storage?

Basically these changes plus the inability to view or even download
videos with ads on them (Adobe Flash only), means they are squeezing out
Tor users, and anyone else concerned with privacty and security.  It
bodes ill for TBB's uptake by the masses.
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