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Re: [tor-talk] Youtube becoming unusable

On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 10:11:42PM -0400, krishna e bera wrote:
> In the last few weeks, i have encountered captchas almost every session
> i go onto Youtube.  Is this a consequence of the decision to raise the
> required bandwidth bar for "fast" relays, so that more connections come
> from fewer exits?

It isn't this one, because we haven't done that yet.

For reference, moria1 is currently voting:

Jul 29 21:50:01.390 [info] dirserv_compute_performance_thresholds(): Cutoffs: For Stable, 746987 sec uptime, 1225459 sec MTBF. For Fast: 17 kilobytes/sec. For Guard: WFU 98.000%, time-known 691200 sec, and bandwidth 225 or 190 kilobytes/sec.


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