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[tor-talk] Help wanted: bug when using a public relay as a bridge?

Long ago we had a bug where your Tor client would crash or assert
if you configure a public relay to be your bridge:

We think we accidentally got rid of the problem when we switched to the
microdescriptor design in Tor 0.2.3.x.

I've asked Nick and Andrea to spend some more time tracking it down,
but to give us a sense of how important it is: a) do crashes happen
still? and b) how about when you use old-style descriptors rather than

So if you want to help us out,

1) Grab Tor or later, and add some lines like

  UseBridges 1

to your torrc.

(in this case you'd be adding my directory authority, moria1, as your
bridge. By all means feel free to pick another public relay instead.
If you experience connectivity problems, check to see if the relay you
picked is still up before reporting them).

In theory everything will work beautifully. If you get an assert error
or seg fault, we want to know! Add a comment to bug 1776, with details
like your Tor version.

2) If step one works without any problems, try adding

  UseMicrodescriptors 0

to your torrc as well as the above bridge lines. This will ask your
Tor client to go back to the original relay descriptor approach, which
we think might still trigger the bug. If you get an assert error or
seg fault, please let us know on bug 1776 (with details like your Tor


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