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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy patches for Mozilla Thunderbird

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> In all fairness, I agree with Mark Banner's comments that setting
> a custom message-ID using the current approach can easily break
> things if the extension doing so is not careful about it.
> That being said, the only way to take this forward is to resume
> the discussion with Mozilla and ask them their preferred way of
> getting this done, so that we can work on the patches accordingly;
> we will be doing this soon.

I would suggest to work/discuss the harder part (date header) first.
Getting the message-id modification accepted might be easier but if
the date header remains, the message-id modification did not gain
anything (and vice versa: date header fix without msg-id fix doesn't
solve the problem either).

Before starting the discussion with Mozilla, I'd like to get some hard
facts by testing the no-date-header patch on a broad range of different
freemailers and MTAs run by ISPs having a significant market share
(this requires volunteers actually sending emails from their accounts
without date header).

If we run into MSA setups where emails without date header cause
problems (the MSA doesn't insert the date header for us) we have to
analyze this in detail. Ideally by contacting the operator. (Not an
easy task.)

One item on the task list, is it to make it easy for volunteers to
contribute test cases (send test emails without date header).
Volunteers should not be required to patch and recompile Thunderbird
to send test emails (a simple script would probably do the job).

My underlying assumption is:
As long as our patch breaks email (for some users) Mozilla will not
accept our patch (even if our patch does not change the default date
header at all - users would have to opt-in via TorBirdy).

So the first question I'd like to answer is:
Would our date patch break mail for some users?
(Currently we can answer this question for the main freemailers only.)

If so: How big is 'some'?
Why does it break?

1) create a script to send no-date-header test emails
2) set up a wiki page to collect test data
3) ask volunteers contribute


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