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Re: [tor-talk] Youtube becoming unusable

You dont get access to videos marked "mature" without an account having
an age in the profile over 21.  Plus of course you cannot post videos or

I could sympathize with the extra captchas if i had been using a
bugmenot userid or no account at all.

On 13-07-31 07:26 PM, Gabrielle DiFonzo wrote:
> I agree with the idea of them squeezing out Tor users...that's certainly what it sounds like.
> As for the codes, I never had trouble reading those things. Well, almost never.
> What happens if you don't have a Youtube account but try to access the site anyway? What happens when you're logged out?
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> From: krishna e bera <keb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> Sent: Tue, Jul 30, 2013 10:14 am
> Subject: [tor-talk] Youtube becoming unusable
> In the last few weeks, i have encountered captchas almost every session
> i go onto Youtube.  Is this a consequence of the decision to raise the
> required bandwidth bar for "fast" relays, so that more connections come
> from fewer exits?
> Or is it a policy change at Google?  I dont understand why a logged in
> user should have to go through captchas every session, even if their ip
> address changes. In TBB the captchas can timeout before we even get a
> chance to see them. Secondly, if they are going to use them, i wish they
> would pick something a human can read which this often isnt:
> http://postimg.org/image/4fnpojpu1/
> or use a different method such as math questions or pick-a-kitten.
> Thirdly, i started seeing these notices about reading from a canvas
> recently: http://postimg.org/image/wxto55mfl/
> Is this due to a TBB missing feature or did Youtube use something in
> HTML5 on purpose that violates privacy, e.g. is this a replacement for
> the evil hidden Adobe flash storage?
> Basically these changes plus the inability to view or even download
> videos with ads on them (Adobe Flash only), means they are squeezing out
> Tor users, and anyone else concerned with privacty and security.  It
> bodes ill for TBB's uptake by the masses.

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