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Re: [tor-talk] Fighting human trafficking (on Tor and elsewhere) with Python

Self-promotion for SJW hipster podcaster who can't program shit and uses
>Muh feels
>Anonymity is bad
>Tor is only child porn
>We need to regulate anonymity

fuck off shill

Chris Patti wrote:
> Folks we just did an interview with Eric Schles of the Manhattan DA's
> office who wrote a bunch of interesting software to help hunt down
> human trafficking.
> The reason I re-post it here is that it has a bunch of interesting
> discussion around Tor - Eric would like to find a way, without
> diminnishing the usefulness of the system and the service it provides,
> to help root out and possibly ostricize pedo / sexual exploitation
> sites.
> http://podcastinit.com/episode-12-eric-schles-on-fighting-human-trafficking-with-python.html
> -Chris
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