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[tor-talk] Fwd: Re: Fwd: CALL FOR TESTING: new port scanning subsystem (allows scanning behind proxies, including Tor!)

(reposting again because I still wasn't subscribed to tor-talk)

W dniu 03.07.2015 o 22:01, grarpamp pisze:
>> One of the features that my modifications enable is performing port
>> scanning behind proxies. I only scanned it using SOCKS4 server built
>> into Tor
>> ./nmap -sT --proxy socks4://localhost:9050 scanme.nmap.org
>> Please do note that even though port scanning within Tor is possible,
>> you cannot scan .onion names due to lack of SOCKS4A support.
> SOCKS4 and SOCKS4A are old and deprecated and should not
> be implemented (unless you're also implementing the current SOCKS5
> and adding in 4/4A as a bonus).
> Tor supports SOCKS5 (and the deprecated 4/4A but it will complain).
> So scanning onions and anything else by name should be possible.
> SOCKS5 also supports IPv6 which is becoming the way of things.
> Therefore, implement SOCKS5 :)

I think that SOCKS5 support within Nsock library (on which my
modification depends) is planned. SOCKS5 also supports UDP, so it could
bring even more benefits. For now, SOCKS4 has to do though.

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