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Re: [tor-talk] USB Sticks for Tails -> CCCamp

Heya Moritz,

On 7/22/15, Moritz Bartl <moritz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi!
> Thanks to help from www.enn.lu, we now have another batch of 250 USB
> sticks with write-protection switch (16GB USB 2.0). Find me for example
> at CCC Camp to buy them from me.
> (839.13 + 14.68 fees + 37.92 taxes) / 250 = 3.56692 â per Stick

I'd especially like to know if these disks have a re-programmable
internal controller. I think that the write-protection switch is a
useful idea; I wonder if there are additional trade-offs that come
along with it?

As an example, I think that it may stop an attacker who has a local
shell or even root on the machine from tampering with the disk
directly. I'd guess that it doesn't change the ability to re-flash the
firmware on the USB disk itself. It would be interesting to try to
dump that firmware and to inspect it.

Do you have any photos of the device without a case? Are the specs for
the USB devices available?

All the best,
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