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Re: [tor-talk] OnionBalance Hidden Service has over 1 million successful hits in just 3 days

Hi s7r,

> I know there are people who built scripts to make automated requests
> to this hidden service (thanks!): please share them on the mail list,
> with as much details as you can. The more we know about how the
> requests were made, the better we can make out of these numbers.

Dead-simple for my part:

cat >> ~/bin/stresstest.sh <<EOF
#! /bin/bash

curl -s --socks5-hostname localhost:9050 http://eujuuws2nacz4xw4.onion/ > /dev/null
chmod +x ~/bin/stresstest.sh

I then ran twelve instances of the above script in
parallel (continuously in a `for ((;;))` loop) (four per host, three
hosts each with their own Tor instance). This was done for just over 72
hours from Jul 2 04:00 UTC. I'd meant to add some simple
metrics-gathering/reporting of request time and the like (or maybe just
Torify something like `siege`) but ultimately didn't get a chance.


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