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Re: [tor-talk] Vodafone DE throttles connections to the Tor network

> Working were and are only connections without the Tor network, with unpublished bridges, and with Tails (changing the MAC address)

That doesn't make sense. Vodafone doesn't see your Tails MAC at all. I think it's unlikely that Vodafone is throttling on purpose.

Most likely, there is some broken/misconfigured router or IDS in the path to the directory servers/bridges you used. You should try to manually pick a few different entry guards with different routing (check with traceroute).

Assuming you have a network consensus (e.g. from connecting with working bridges; there should be 'Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor/cached-microdescs' and 'cached-microdesc-consensus' files), add the following to your 'Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor/torrc':

UseEntryGuards 1
NumEntryGuards 1
UseEntryGuardsAsDirGuards 1
NumDirectoryGuards 1
EntryNodes 47B8A2122B924B0E54B3BDEE48DFB86E054BEB36

Remove any bridge-related entries from the config.

Some fast entry guards in Germany that should have different routing:

darkit ( 47B8A2122B924B0E54B3BDEE48DFB86E054BEB36
chaoscomputerclub5 ( 0E22366D0EB12CA0CDD3693452F43BA0A1D9D515
becks ( E9C8154418544764619D2CCD0596B355D7DFF236

With this configuration, you only need to connect to the the guard node and don't need to connect to the directory servers (where something seems to be hanging).
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