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Re: [tor-talk] Vodafone DE throttles connections to the Tor network

Josef 'veloc1ty' Stautner:

> yesterday I experienced the same issue with slow downloads of the
> descriptors but with Telekom as ISP. After the descriptor download
> everything was fine.
> Today everything is working fine. Do you still have a probleme? If not I
> think there was just a temporary network problem.

As I tried to explain, I examined different constellations (Linux, Windows, without Tor network, with direct connection to the Tor network, with published bridges like obfs3, with unpublished bridges, with Tor browser, with Tails) at the same hour. Working were and are only connections without the Tor network, with unpublished bridges, and with Tails (changing the MAC address). Therefore I would not suppose these disruptions to be temporary network problems. 
Using unpublished bridges with Tor browser eliminated the problem. If necessary, these bridges could be changed.   

I see this as a questionable action by the ISP, trying to hinder customers to connect to the internet without being monitored.

Voting alone will not change this.

Best wishes,
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