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Re: [tor-talk] OnionBalance Hidden Service has over 1 million successful hits in just 3 days

Ben wrote:
I forgot to tell it to add a timestamp, so comparison against your logs
would be nigh on impossible - have set the same script running with
timestamps added, will keep an eye to see whether any failed connections
have been logged.

I do, however, have some entries in my tor client logs

Jul 08 09:03:55.000 [notice] Rend stream is 120 seconds late. Giving up
on address '[scrubbed].onion'.

For various reasons I have only been able to make a few connections, but
they have been more than 10 minutes apart so, as I understand it, they
should all have established new circuits.  This was scripted using wget.
I have had over 40 successes with one failure, logged as follows (I
have adjusted the time to UTC):

Jul  9 05:10:23 host Tor[15947]: Tried for 120 seconds to get a
connection to [scrubbed]:80. Giving up. (waiting for rendezvous desc)

Following this failure I have had some successes. (Initially I thought
maybe the test site had been shut down.)

Also, Thomas, I am wondering if you can explain what the 304 (Not
Modified), 404 (Not Found), and 403 (Forbidden) codes were caused by.  I
suppose for 404 somebody could have requested a non-existent page on the
site, but the other two have me baffled.


"If I knew that a man was coming to my house with the conscious design
of doing me good, I would flee for my life." -- Henry David Thoreau

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