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Re: [tor-talk] app -> socks5-openvpn -> socks5-tor ?

On Thu, Jul 9, 2015 at 3:42 AM, coderman <coderman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> this would be useful; i recall a http-proxy/socks-proxy front-end to
> OpenVPN but can't seem to find it. it did not create a tun/tap device
> on host.
> would love a current copy if found

More search yield zero, so then this...
yield (is this your recall?)...

Of course the far end happens to be using popular OpenVPN
and provides handy ovpn config files for that. So now there is
to test openconnect+ocproxy against it, or look at patch status
of OpenVPN+ocproxy if wasn't committed yet.


Will look but ocproxy and tunsocks (and lwip) may be linux
only at the moment :( If so, something native in OpenVPN
could easily reach more people.
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