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[tor-talk] Bitcoin User??? A Euro worth of BTC for your thoughts...

If you are interested in improving Bitcoin, and making about a Euro
(4.2 mBTC) in return, read on...

We are researchers conducting a Bitcoin user study and are seeking
participants. Bitcoin users are kindly invited to participate. Our
survey is anonymous and takes under 10 minutes to complete. As a
reward you receive BTC.

The goal of this survey is to learn about user perceptions regarding
Bitcoin and will cover aspects such as key management, wallet usage
and risk perception. As we believe that these results will be
valuable to the entire community, we will publish our results and
make them available to everyone. This is the link to the survey:


SBA Research

SBA Research was founded in 2006 as the first Austrian research
center for information security by the TU Wien, the Graz University
of Technology and the University of Vienna. Funded largely by the
national initiative for COMET. Along with many other international
academic and business research partners we jointly work on challenges
ranging from organizational to technical security. We are 100 strong.

SoSci Survey

SoSci Survey can help you carry out your professional online survey:
create online questionnaire, send invitations (including follow-ups),
Data download (SPSS, GNU R, Excel). It was designed specifically
for scientific surveys and is continuously developed for daily
research practice. The software supports a project manager and
allows flexibility in the design of questionnaires. The most demanding
and complex designs can be realized.
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