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Re: [tor-talk] comicskingdom.com inaccessible by Tor?

On Mon, 27 Jul 2015 18:54:59 +0000 (UTC)
bao song <michaelwprx@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> A few weeks ago, I suddenly could not access comicskingdom.com with Tor.
> For several years before that, I had no problem accessing comicskingdom.com with Tor.
> It might be interesting to figure out how they are blocking Tor, since we want people to be able to use Tor to access sites that are otherwise blocked. (I haven't had any luck with this.)

They do seem to be blocking a lot of IPs (or have some networking problem).

I couldn't access it from any of my non-exit IPs that I tried, but also from
one machine which does not run a relay at the moment (but ran previously), and
from a machine which has never ran a relay [1]. All of these are VPS/dedicated

The site loads fine from four tested "regular user" home and office
connections. So maybe they are just blocking known "datacenter" IPs.

[1] To my knowledge. Unfortunately ExoneraTor doesn't allow to check if that's
really been the case (i.e. run a search with no date specified).

With respect,

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