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Re: [tor-talk] Vodafone DE throttles connections to the Tor network

Hi Dan,

yesterday I experienced the same issue with slow downloads of the
descriptors but with Telekom as ISP. After the descriptor download
everything was fine.
Today everything is working fine. Do you still have a probleme? If not I
think there was just a temporary network problem.

> I wouldn't have assumed that communications without surveillance are becoming that difficult in Germany. A lot of countries is developing legislation that makes encryption illegal or nearly impossible now.   

Well, Great Britrain for example. This country isn't a third world
country and people have the ability to vote and speak freely. If the
people don't raise their voices and refuse to vote someone they like
more because "that will change nothing" they have to pay for their
decision. Of course this isn't something restricted to Great Britain but
also for Germany, France, etc.

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