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[tor-talk] webmail send while using TOR is tagged as spamends up in spam

i use yahoo to mail with mailinglists but i use TOR to connect to yahoo.

tuns out that all my posts now end up in everyones spam folders. 

Is this because the tor exitnodes are used by spammers?

or is every mail that was send from a TOR user falsely marked as spam?

also the subscription confirmation email i received from this list ended up in yahoo's spam.

So now i also wonder how many people on this list are not receiving THIS message.

I'm NOT a spammer. Can i sue yahoo for falsely tagging my mails as spam?  or better can TOR sue Yahoo? :-D and win and get a lot of money to put into development?

please have a look at dmarc.org it tries to explain in lawyer-ish speak how the yahoo, gmail, facebook aol, paypal, ebay, amazon cartel teamed together to force people to 'autenticate'

authenticate as in ...get a code that they can use to invade our privacy. (or is this my brain going into paranoia mode?)

can this be fixed?

Or do we need a new email protocol that respects privacy by default,  decentralized, with whitelist and request to communicate and eventually a blacklist to be able to block extreme cases.

is it enough to move away from yahoo, or will the same stuff happen when using another email provider?   

Thanks for improving my privacy!

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