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Re: [tor-talk] Which Dns?


Am 18.07.2016 um 08:39 schrieb Flipchan:
> Can anyone recommend a good dns server? 

Censurfridns Denmark: http://blog.censurfridns.dk

    IPv4: / IPv6: 2001:67c:28a4::
    IPv4: / IPv6: 2002:d596:2a92:1:71:53::

Xiala.net: https://xiala.net/services/dns.html

DNS.Watch https://dns.watch/

    IPv4: / IPv6: 2001:1608:10:25::1c04:b12f
    IPv4: / IPv6: 2001:1608:10:25::9249:d69b

All of the them are uncesored, have DNSSEC enabled and  no logging.

Karsten N.

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