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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Project Corporate Document FOI Request

On Thu, 21 Jul 2016, Zenaan Harkness wrote:

> How much those in control of Tor Inc release in response to
> grarpamp's "FOI" request, beyond that which they statutorily release
> to the public already, is a matter for them, their courtesy, their
> sense of proper behaviour, their desire to meet the expectations of
> "the tor community", their sense of duty to disclose to this
> community, their personal principles, their need to manage the
> fallout from recent events, and their willingness to demonstrate
> certain principles which we in the community clearly expect,
> including transparency, honesty, and trust.

> Let's be generous in our expectations of those directly inside Tor
> Inc meeting this simple genuine and frank request, and at the same
> time let's be cautious and publicly curious in respect of any "no"
> responses.

> As always, let's assume good faith in general and keep our
> communication as constructive as possible.

Well put. I just like to add that Tor Inc should not ignore this
request, not because it having any legal binding of sorts, but simply
because it comes from someone who is most active in the Tor community
(with most useful post on this list, according to my analysis) and
well representative of it. So to say, this can't be called trolling.

And I'm quite confident Tor Inc can provide appropriate information.

I do suspect this request comes in the context of realising what sort
of communication can be established between the community and Tor Inc,
considering its director of communications has posted only twice and
only recently on this list.


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