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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Project Corporate Document FOI Request

On Thu, Jul 21, 2016 at 08:03:49AM -0400, Allen wrote:
> >
> > One can request anything.
> For starters, you can't legally request that someone assassinate the
> President, send you child pornography, provide you with weapons of mass
> destruction, etc.  So definitely not anything.

So definitely not anything, --legally--!

> And while you can make some requests, you can only make an FOI request
> of a government agency.

Nope, you can make an FOI request of anyone. You can make an FOIA
request of any government agency and they have certain statutory (the
"A"ct part of FOIA) obligation to respond in a certain way.

Tor Inc presents itself as a certain type of entity, via its website and
other forums of communication, the statements of its employees and also
the non-refuted statements of the users, volunteers and other supporters
of tor.

This generates certain expectations in the "members of the community",
which align with my comprehension of the terms "freedom", "information
about the entity Tor Inc" and "freedom of information".

How much those in control of Tor Inc release in response to grarpamp's
"FOI" request, beyond that which they statutorily release to the public
already, is a matter for them, their courtesy, their sense of proper
behaviour, their desire to meet the expectations of "the tor community",
their sense of duty to disclose to this community, their personal
principles, their need to manage the fallout from recent events, and
their willingness to demonstrate certain principles which we in the
community clearly expect, including transparency, honesty, and trust.

Let's be generous in our expectations of those directly inside Tor Inc
meeting this simple genuine and frank request, and at the same time
let's be cautious and publicly curious in respect of any "no" responses.

As always, let's assume good faith in general and keep our communication
as constructive as possible.
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