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Re: [tor-talk] Tor E-mail gateway - how to transfer messages from the Tor Network ?

> Hi,
> is there any chance to send an E-Mail message from the Tor network to
> gmail accounts or any other E-mail service providers ?
> Usually each E-mail which is sent from the IP where for example: tor
> relay is running - is immediately block by the spam filters.
> Till now I havent found ane sensible service, from which for example
> activist will be able to send an E-Mail. As You see, this E-mail has
> been sent from the protonmail.com. Nice service, but I would never
> store/send any messages from this website to my enemies or some
> organizations.
> Does Tor has any E-mail System which could be easily use to transfer
> messages between Tor Network and Internet ? I`m talking about
> services from which E-mail is accpeted by the providers as gmail,
> yahoo, hotmail.
> Does any one working on it ? Does any one has configured some kind of
> gateway which can be use to transfer E-mail message from the tor
> network to the internet ?
> I will appreciate any for any infos.
> Cheers
> Muppet96

I use common email providers, I sign up and access them via Tor. So,
for example, I signed up to this provider (Yandex) using Tor, and I
ensure that I only ever connect using Tor. That way, I get the
anonymity I require while using well known providers and my email does
not end up in the SPAM folder.

Yandex, GMX and ProtonMail all work well. None are perfect and there
are times when I can't connect via Tor and need to use the New Identity
feature, but these three are pretty good.
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