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[tor-talk] Tor E-mail gateway - how to transfer messages from the Tor Network ?

is there any chance to send an E-Mail message from the Tor network to gmail accounts or any other E-mail service providers ?
Usually each E-mail which is sent from the IP where for example: tor relay is running - is immediately block by the spam filters.
Till now I havent found ane sensible service, from which for example activist will be able to send an E-Mail. As You see, this E-mail has been sent from the protonmail.com. Nice service, but I would never store/send any messages from this website to my enemies or some organizations.
Does Tor has any E-mail System which could be easily use to transfer messages between Tor Network and Internet ? I`m talking about services from which E-mail is accpeted by the providers as gmail, yahoo, hotmail.
Does any one working on it ? Does any one has configured some kind of gateway which can be use to transfer E-mail message from the tor network to the internet ?
I will appreciate any for any infos.

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