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[tor-talk] Fwd: Orfox v1.4 Beta (based onTor Browser 7.5) is out

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From: Nathan of Guardian <nathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: guardian-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Orfox v1.4 Beta (based onTor Browser 7.5) is out
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2017 23:36:54 -0400

A new beta build of Orfox 1.4 is now up with an updated version of the
new Orfox Setsings (aka Tor Browser Settings) add-on. You must do a
fresh install of the app to get the automatic installation of HTTPS
Everywhere, NoScript and Orfox Settings.

WARNING: We are still fully auditing this build and reviewing new
functionality and code available in Firefox/Fennec ESR52 to ensure there
are no network leaks or other privacy decreasing features. 

We expect to ship a release candidate around August 1st. 


You can find the APKs for download here:
and here:
https://guardianproject.info/releases/Orfox-v1.4-beta-2.apk (.asc)

You can see all the work we do on top of Tor Browser for the desktop

4db3583 update to latest from TB browser.js prefs file
47439da show only the "restricted" onboarding first time screens
43ec4c9 update mobile js prefs based on latest TB
d990101 set default to 'true' to clear all data
8ee94f4 add in custom distributio for xpi bundling
5b4bdb6 clear on exit is now true by default
3bdc2e4 add support for a distribution directory (for bundling add-ons)
908ca3b disable building of bouncer.apk so we can bundle in orfox see:
8903a4c change defaults for Orfox
da750a3 add distribution directory and options settings
94abc5b fix #17 from https://github.com/amoghbl1/tor-browser/issues
don't restore tabs by default
674bd83 fix #11 from https://github.com/amoghbl1/tor-browser/issues
disable mic and QR code reader by default
4c2e34e set default browser to DuckDuckGo modify DDG URL to the
non-javascript site
e466052 fix crash with registerReceiver for Orbot status
c413a64 Orfox: Strings fix, probably a WONTAPPLY ESR59.
13a683a Orfox: Adding GCM sender ID.
0ee17ab Orfox: Disabling search widget.
8363071 Orfox: Update orfox branding and icon
21b3d9e Orfox: hook up default panic trigger to "quit and clear"
629f231 Orfox: disable screenshots and prevent page from being in
"recent apps"
d6bcd79 Orfox: remove Tab:Load event queuing and only use Intent queuing
cc77e66 Orfox: receive Tor status in thread so they arrive when event
sync blocks
9cb33d5 Orfox: queue URL Intents and Tab:Load events when Orbot is not
yet started
69ccad9 Orfox: add BroadcastReceiver to receive Tor status from Orbot
863f4ca Orfox: Centralized proxy applied to CrashReporter,
SuggestClient, Distribution, AbstractCommunicator and BaseResources.
faa1f5e Orfox: NetCipher enabled, checks if orbot is installed
2281bcb Orfox: quit button added, functionality changed to bring it up
to date with current GeckoApp.java class, earlier version seemed to have
problems with quitting
c298b1b Orfox: Removed sync option from preferences
1e2e8a9 Orfox: Fix #1 - Improve build instructions
2e9ff72 Orfox: top sites changed, used bookmarks icon temporarily.
ee11c5f Orfox: removed contacts permission
7a795e3 Orfox: Added tbb prefs to mobile.js Bug #5404 - We need a mobile
friendly user-agent. Moving back to the default user-agent used by the
esr38 build
ccbad61 Orfox: confvars changes to disable screen casting
3bcfac6 Orfox: Add mozconfig for Orfox and pertinent branding files.

  Nathan of Guardian
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