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[tor-talk] Tor Browsers - problem with sequencial runs

I have both TB 7.0.2 and TB 7.5a2 installed separately (different dirs) -
they are
fully different apps.
I do NOT run them in parallel as that would normally cause a problem.
But I do sometimes run them one after another by starting and closing e.g.
TB TB 7.5a2 and after a few hours trying to start start 7.0.2 which then
reports an error due to being unable to connect to Tor (when I quit and
restart, sometimes twice, I am
able to connect, but have to "CONNECT"-configure as if on first run after
I do not have any related custom configurations.
I think I should be able to do it - these browser runs are independent and
should not know about each other (presumably thru some run-related
uninitialized data structures).
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