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[tor-talk] Tor Browsers - problem with sequencial runs

Hi Kathy,

> (...) I occasionally see that TBB doesn't completely exit
> when I close it down (running on Linux).
> Doesn't seem to matter whether I close the window, File->Quit or
> CTRL-Q. Also doesn't appear to depend on how long TBB has been running
> or how many windows I have had open.

There is a way to collect run-time info (what's being executed)

by means of strace Linux command (the output is meant for
a programmer, so do not be intimidated by it).

Make sure you have strace installed:

$ which strace

You will have to start TB from inside its installation dir

(fill in your own dir):

$ strace -o tb-strace.out

tb-strace.out is your run-time log file in text format.

Just do your browsing.

When you get stuck, try to close TB by usual means, and then
eventually kill it by PID as you described.

Upon TB exit, you have tb-strace.out file to look up for clues
 (let somebody review it, or attach it to a problem report).

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