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Re: [tor-talk] How do tor users get past the recapacha and it's super short 2min exemption

On Thu, 12 Jul 2018, at 01:50, Dave Warren wrote:
> Several Cloudflare staff members have commented [...]

So you are a few steps closer to the truth than what Tor related activity I see online. Yes, Cloudflare is not a person. And *it* is not out to get precisely you as *it* sees the people as connections.

> systems were left to score tor users based entirely on behaviour alone. 

Meaning Tor users are already favored.

> To their credit, they do make it easy for site operators to approve tor 
> traffic in a more general way (by treating tor as a separate country in 
> their whitelisting system). 

And again.
> I'm not suggesting that Cloudflare couldn't do more/better [...]

Given how much Tor users pay they are already doing much.

As for better, that is just an emotional term used by the loud activists. Better for them would be shut down Tor access the same way they close some access from other dubious parts of the net. Better for Greenpeace would mean send them more money to take photos with the polar bears. Better can mean almost 50% of the possible meanings and that varies from person to person.
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