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[tor-talk] Here's a new one: DELETE the page if client uses tor!

Yup, I did not believe it either, until I tried disabling all plugins and
then reload the page and open the web inspector in FF. All the content is
gone after the page is mostly rendered, but the ADs and trackers are
still there to take advantage of any info they can pull from your browser.
Disabled tor re-enabled all plugins and reloaded and the website works
fine. Repeated 2x because I could not believe it.
It appears to be caused by JS, which is needed for rendering the page
content, but I have not found the relevant snippet, it seems to self
delete, which is even more suspicious. I did not think JS could do that,
but I can think of no other explanation for a partial page render and
then the whole thing, tags and all, disappears. Someday I'll write a
monster movie about the things I've seen people do with JS.

And now, the guilty party.... (Drum roll),


And I thought that google's youtube was evil (example):

Any known workarounds, or are we stuck with this?

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