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[tor-talk] How do tor users get past the recapacha and it's super short 2min exemption

Many websites, for example: https://www.phoronix.com/
have a page called:

"One more step
Please complete the security check to access XXX"

It requires that I enable JS for several things and then reads that I
have a 2 min exception, after which I have to complete another challenge.
This makes browsing the web unbearable.

As if it cannot be worse, I often get the challenge correct, but googles
idiot box (my name for their AI server), frequently gets the challenge
wrong (for example, it misses the side of a sign, misclassifies an image
altogether, or thinks that there is something there that is not and the
actual item is in another corner), which causes me to have to preform
another challenge. Not that you guy know, but rather to make a point, why
am I or anyone else even willing to train their AI for free?!

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