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Re: [tor-talk] How do tor users get past the recapacha and it's super short 2min exemption

Google and Cloudflare are not your friends.

And when innocent tor users around the world, who simply
want to *read* from all human knowledge, have to click ~100
times to pass a captcha, yes this happens all the time,
well Goo-CF and whoever else can all go fuck themselves
even harder.

Also shame that a quality foss oriented site like Phoronix
deployed such sketchy closedsource things.
You'd think some brilliant foss types would know how to
cdn and read-only and filter in depth and be creative, and
be in tune with pro-privacy internet movement and such.

You can't even read, search, or patronize, these sites, or their
ads, that deploy the above grotesque censor hammers and their
data storage / mining / selling / giving and surveillance nightmare.

They're missing out on a lot of tor computer using nerds
eyeballs with money to spend.

That's ok, because someone somewhere will code better fine
grained mechanisms, crypto deposits, and many other methods
discussed on this list many times... into their own new top sites
and profit and rank immensely from it.

And Tor Project Inc is opaque in its outreach and lobby for its
users on the topic, so don't expect anything there.

Your only recourse is to educate whatever helpdesks
and humans at these sites like Phoronix you can find.

One email, and ticket opened, and tweet complaint, per each
captcha click, from each affected tor user... that should do the trick ;-)

Here's a start: michael@xxxxxxxxxxxx , @phoronix , @cloudflare , @google

Or leave them behind for dead and build better.

Then you won't have to waste time trying to re-educate them.
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